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    A wide range of precision tubes to apply in oil injectors, gearboxes, assisted steering, safety belts. Cooling and air suspension lines, wiring protectors, hoses, levels, feeders and drainage.

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    Yellow Machinery

    Wide stock of standard sizes for hydraulic and pneumatic applications.
    Zinc Plating types available :
    – Premium> 15 microns
    HRI standard> 8 microns.
    Great resistance to white and red corrosions, especially in the curved pieces.

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    Tubes for hydraulic and pneumatic applications . Applications: gasoil and gas circuits, engine cooling system, air conditioning circuits and many more. Material can be molded, expanded, curved and welded

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    Tubes for marine installations, offshoring, hydraulic deck cranes in steel grade E355 + N, suitable for drill floor (bending, flaring, grooving …) and anchor handling.

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    Special precision tubes for a large variety of railway uses. Interior use as well as in structures, doors and mechanical joints and cooling systems (for trains, trams, undergrounds).

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    Special profiles for power transmissions in the agricultural industry. Manufactured in different profiles (lemon, trilobular, star, triangle) in accordance with the International and European norms. We have got standard tooling available.

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    Heat exchangers

    Seamless steel pipes for use in solar ,petrochemical and nuclear plants. Our range of outside dimensions vary from 12.7mm to 25.4 mm. Wall thicknesses : 1.24mm, 1.65mm, 2.77mm. Lengths: up to 16 meters. Permanent stock of standard sizes.

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    Short pieces

    We supply cut and mechanized pieces in different lengths. Either in small or large batches. Zinc plated and phosphated coatings are available as well as special thermal treatments.

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    Air rifle

    Tubes manufactured in carbon steel or other alloys. Cylindrical or octagonal outer profiles. Inner rifle produced by lamination during the cold drawn process. Usage: black powder shotguns, cartridges or compressed air weapons of different calibers (4.5, 5.5, 6.35, etc.)

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